NetSuite Vendor(Supplier) Prepayments Setup

Written by Dylan Coetzee

August 30, 2021

Ever wondered if you can make a Pre-payment payment with NetSuite’s Electronic Bank Payments Module?

The answer is Yes ever since version 2020.1.

Before you continue make sure that you configured your role to access prepayments. Please see the following article.

  1. Navigate to Payments > Bank File Generation > Generate Bill Payment File.
  2. Select EFT Transaction Type – select Vendor Prepayments.
  3. Select Transaction Saved Search – select the saved search linked to a Bank Account from the list. The standard “Vendor Prepayment Transactions for EP” will return no results and should result in an error: “EP_00004: There are missing or incorrect filters in this saved search. Click the Edit Search link if you want to review the filtering criteria. For more information, see the Defining Transaction Saved Searches for Electronic Payment topic in the Help Center.”
  4. If you have not set up a saved search for your bank account(s) please refer to the following article on how to create a saved search for vendor prepayments.
  5. Company Bank Account – select from the list of Bank Accounts you have set up.
  6. If you have prepayments the No. OF Transaction should populate.
  7. Complete your EFT File Reference Note and Submit.

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